Book Author: Ben Goldstein

Learn English and explore the world with Eyes Open.
Developed in partnership with Discovery Education™, Eyes Open features captivating Discovery Education™ video and stimulating global topics to motivate students and spark their curiosity. Four videos in every unit make learning relevant and create opportunities for deeper understanding. Carefully progressed activities and personalised learning tasks lead to greater speaking and writing fluency. Progress monitoring tools and flexible teaching support, including graded tests and extra practice activities, ensure that every learner can achieve success. Digital support includes Interactive Student’s eBook with full video and audio, and Online Workbook with extra practice activities. Presentation Plus, a complete planning and presentation tool for teachers, includes Interactive Whiteboard software, interactive Student’s Book and Workbook, full video and audio content, digital Teacher’s Book and Teacher’s Resource Book, online teacher training and a link to the online learning management platform to track student’s progress.
Eyes Open
Key features
High-interest video and stimulating global topics spark curiosity and engage and motivate teenage learners
Productive skills are carefully developed through a progression of easy-to-follow activities which guide students towards written and spoken fluency
Additional CLIL lessons enable further extension and learning across the curriculum
Flexible teaching support for mixed ability classes includes graded tests and extra practice activities, plus Preliminary and Key for Schools exam-style tests

Course Technology
Presentation Plus
Presentation Plus is a complete planning and presentation tool for teachers. Available on DVD or as an iOS or Android app, it offers interactive whiteboard tools, full course content, teacher resources and access to the Cambridge Learning Management System, all on one easy-to-use platform.
Presentation Plus provides:
Interactive Whiteboard tools
Interactive Student’s Book and Workbook, and full video and audio content
Digital Teacher’s Book and Teacher’s Resource Book for paper-free lesson planning
A link to the online learning management platform for easy progress monitoring and access to the Secondary digital teacher training course 
Customisable tests, and extra photocopiable video, grammar, vocabulary and communicative activities
Online Workbook with Online Practice
The Online Workbook allows you to save valuable time with automated marking and lets you track your learners' progress so that you can identify problem areas and assist them accordingly. It offers full Workbook content online as well as extra practice activities to help learners consolidate what they have learnt in the classroom in an engaging way.

Digital Student’s Book and Workbook 
The Eyes Open Student’s Books and Workbooks are available as interactive eBooks, providing a great alternative to the printed book. They have been designed specifically for mobile devices and contain all the printed content in an interactive format. In addition, the Student’s eBooks contain the video and audio material. They are available for both iOS and Android devices.